Toddler Martial Arts in Lincoln, CA

Toddlers Learning Martial Arts - STKD Academy of Striking Arts - Lincoln, CA
STKD Academy of Striking Arts offers the Tiny Tigers Program for children ages 3-5. Our program focuses on having fun, building confidence, and increasing both focus and coordination.

Young children are often anxious when trying new things. The Tiny Tiger program builds up your child's confidence through individual achievement that is based on their personal progress. Through the achievement system of Tae Kwon Do, your child will be able to increase their focus and attention span by having specific goals that they reach at their individual pace.

Not only will your child's focus increase, but their balance and coordination will also increase due their participation in each class.These factors will not only help your child be a better martial artist but also help them to succeed in school and other athletics as they continue to grow.

To learn more about the safety and benefits of the Tiny Tigers Program or to pre-register, contact us at 916-645-7856.