Accelerated Tae Kwon Do in Lincoln, CA


Become A Black Belt

Our Black Belt Club is a course designed to aid those who are interested in advancing to the rank of black belt. All students at STKD Academy of Striking Arts are welcome to sign up for the program.

All members of the Black Belt Club will receive a Black Belt Club uniform that includes these patches: American Flag, Korean Flag, Black Belt Club, STKD, and UWTA. They will also receive sparring gear including: head gear, hand gear, feet gear, and a chest protector. In addition members will receive an equipment bag and a STKD Black Belt Club Handbook. The handbook contains everything needed to make the journey to 1st degree black belt a little easier. All the provided equipment is over a $180 value.

The Black Belt Club is a 24 month contract. Members can attend unlimited classes but must attend at least 1 Black Belt Club class per week. Club members are also allowed to attend weekend seminars that instructors put on. The registration fee is $75 and the monthly fee is $120.

Call 916-645-7856 in order to learn more about the advantages of the Black Belt Club.
STKD Black Belt Club at a Tournament - Advanced Martial Arts Class in Lincoln, CA